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Monday, July 21, 2014

Liquor branding mentioned in a song

You might not have noticed, but your children are being bombarded by liquor branding in the songs they listen to.

While I don't listen that often to lil john, diddy, or any other hip-hop or rap artists, they are being paid big money to include brands in their lyrics.

Petron, ciroc, hennesy and many other liquor branding Is in the songs your children listen to.

If a radio station or even sirius sattelite were to edit out each time a brand of liquor was mentioned, there would not be much of a song left.

What is the answer to this problem of branding? The parents must complain to the radio stations, complain to the FCC, complain to the record companies and stop buying the products mentioned and targeted to children. Stop buying music where the artist does not care what their lyrics do to children listening to their songs. It ain't cool and it ain't right.

A pissed off parent

Dr. Sober Companion