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Sunday, April 25, 2010

sarah silverman is overprescribed mood altering drugs

sarah silverman is overprescribed mood altering drugs while still a child.

will sarah silverman soon need a sober companion to save her life?

A young sarah silverman may have become what she is today, because as a child, she could not fight everyone who told her she had to take medication.

teachers, principle, school counselors, school psychologist, parents, medial doctors and pharmacists all teamed up against a little girl, and told her she had to take drugs. the more she complained, the more drugs they put her on.

"you're not going to believe this, but my shrink eventually had me taking four xanax four times a day. 16 xanax a day, for a 14 year old girl. she upped my dose every time. she should be in prison." - from april 2010 playboy magazine interview with sarah silverman

this is normal, and dr. sober companion agrees with sarah silverman that her medical doctor should be in prison

Thursday, January 1, 2009

i just finished a rehab clinic but not cured

strong bonds with your rehab facility are not free

when you stayed at the rehab clinic, rehab house, rehab resort, rehab mansion, your environment was different than on your own. they had you meet with doctors, therapists, personal trainers, hypnotherapists, family shrinks, and spiritual counselors. just like when someone is in a prison, it makes the time go by quicker if your mind is in something else.

by feeding you all these treatments and therapies they lock you into a new addiction. this new addiction is created to make a strong bond between the rehab facility and you. that's why they provide you with their own sober companions, because they can control the sober companion and keep the strong bond by continuing to control you. They build loyalty by addicting you to their services, none of which are free.

break the bonds and choose an independent sober companion

if you had enough of the rehab facility when you left or were asked to leave, then break your bonds of addiction to them and try dr. sober companion.

dr. sober companion is not controlled by the rehab facility and does not give kickbacks for continuing to keep people addicted to them.