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Monday, January 26, 2009

financial advisers reveal secrets of the wealthy and why rich kids get addicted to drugs and alcohol

financial advisers to the rich and wealthy - by dr. sober companion dr. rob tencer

While most people in world envy the rich, financial advisers reveal the secret that wealthy people are not happy. Money is the weapon of choice that wealthy parents use to ruin their children. While some parents are responsible, most are not. Financial advisers see this on a daily basis.

The danger of money is overlooked in the financial literature. Perhaps financial advisers have little patience with your seemingly enviable problems. While you deserve our understanding and even sympathy. Anything that prevents people from developing a functional reciprocity with the world is destructive.

Both the rich and the poor can grow up without exposure to functional people and realistically attainable goals and acquirable skills.

Financial advisers need to overcome their envy long enough to understand the problem. Money is powerful. It can do good or it can do harm.

Lets discuss the various forms of money that wealthy parents have and how they use it as a weapon on their children.

Fuck You Money - This is when the parents have so much money, they will never have to work a day in their lives, nor will their children have to work to make a living.

Go Away Money - This is when the parents have their own lives, and want a total seperation from their children from spoiling their individuality. The parent is able to make their children go away simply by throwing money at them.

The harm that is caused by using these techniques on the wealthy parents own children, drives the children to pick up addictions. The rich parents are directly responsible for causing their childrens addiction to drugs and their alcoholism.

If the wealthy parent deals with their children when its to late, this could result in their childs death. Simply by cutting off their childrens money might cause them to seek out illegel means for supplying their addictions. Sometimes the cause of this parental problem is when a parent married into wealth and has no idea that acting this way to their children is like allowing them to play with a loaded gun. If the parents were both from money, then they understood what harm they could cause their children by giving them fuck you money or go away money could cause. They can't simply be blameless in this case for causing their childrens drug and alcohol addiction, leading to their childrens death.

The cause is you as the parent, but the cure is also with you as the parent.

Parents often ask dr. sober companion:

What you can do to help my children?

How can you help with their addictions?

How do you stop them from drinking and their alcoholism?

Is it to late to help my children?

dr. sober companion answers with the simple fact that as long as your children are still living, you have a chance as a parent to help them. Its only late when their dead.

Don't wait til you have killed your children.

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