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Saturday, July 18, 2009

michael jackson doctors like conrad murray must take fall for pharmaceutical companies to continue its drug addiction unfettered.

Michael Jackson's last doctor on record Dr. Conrad Murray
(unless you count the coroner Dr. Quincy)

When we last wrote about Michael Jackson's on call doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, it looked as if he was off the hook because he was cooperating with the homicide investigation of Michael Jackson.

Everyone wants to know the following:

While there will be countless fake and real names found on the pill bottle prescriptions found at the homicide scene of michael jackson, the only real incriminating name is of doctors who supplied the pharmaceutical prescription drugs. This is a witch hunt of blame, where anyone of the entourage could be to blame as much as the doctors giving the prescriptions. (think howard k. stern)

Everyone wants to know which doctors names were uncovered in evidence during Michael Jackson child molestation supeonea of evidence on the premises of neverland ranch, which included syringes and pill bottles with prescription information on them which also included the doctor who prescribed them. Did Debbie Rowe say to much about the syringes and injections?

Dr. Sober Companion is Dr. Rob Tencer DC, BS. A licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who believes in abstinence of drugs from the perspective of a drug addict. You can not get abstinence from being around enablers, entourage, parents, friends. A good source to hang around is dr. sober companion.
The question I hope to answer:

Can someone please explain to the sober companion audience of this blog, why the michael jackson death is a wake up call that should put all blame (or most of it) on the pharmaceutical industry and government, and not on the doctor, and write it in simple english?

This can be answered in a simple answer. The pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars to bribe the government, that they are not to blame. So far it has been working!

If we were looking at a food chain we would start with phamaceutical industry at the top, then government, then doctor, then pharmacist, then you. Somewhere in there we should throw in massive marketing and lobbying campaign.

People injured by drugs are blocked from getting in justice by trial, because government blocks blame with FDA road blocks.

What does this all mean to the michael jackson homicide investigation and you?

If someone like Michael Jackson has a personality trait that is easily addicted to things like prescription pharmaceuticals (drug addiction), plastic surgery addiction, can you blame the doctor?

This addiction sounds very much like the argument against the tobacco industry and addictive qualities of nicotine. We know that the tobacco industry knew of the addiction and the death it caused and the eventual outcome of the battle that took at least twenty years to win.
The point is, stop pointing the finger at the doctor and go after the real criminal which is none other than the pharmaceutical industry.

Yes, a doctor can be negligent, but the risk of what they administer is in the small print.

(do you know what happened to the small print in tobacco?)
the small print became MUCH EASIER TO READ
Proper warning labels

Improper warning labels

The argument against pharmaceutical and government (FDA)

Lawsuits, industry advocates say, can expose drug makers to a conflicting hodgepodge of jury decisions in multiple state courts that often contradict the expert judgment of the FDA when it decides what warnings belong on a drug label. The FDA-approved label, they argue, should trump the findings of juries who lack the same expertise. Wyeth and its supporters want the high court to rule that the FDA's powers pre-empt state court lawsuits that claim stricter drug warnings were needed.

That logic is known as the pre-emption argument, which maintains that the federal government has the last word on drug labeling. And, therefore, government warnings override legal challenges after a drug has been approved. (Bernadette Tansey, San Francisco Chronicle)
Information obtained by Representative Henry Waxman (D., CA) show that neither FDA staffers nor FDA experts agree with the pre-emption position of the White House administration:
"We know that many currently approved drug labels are out of date and in many cases contain incorrect information," the committee report quoted top FDA official Dr. John Jenkins as saying in a 2003 internal policy memo.

What makes the whole thing especially outrageous is that the FDA now requires approval to change a warning label when new adverse event information becomes known to the manufacturer. In previous administrations the FDA actually encouraged drug makers to update their labels immediately.

A recent Supreme Court decision upheld federal pre-emption clauses in legislation for medical devices, but this language isn't in the same statutes concerning drugs. Nevertheless, Big Pharma and the white house administration argue it is "implied."

There is now a developing consensus, even amongst in the public health establishment that FDA is a broken agency. Thus to maintain that this hollow husk of a regulatory agency's warning labels is all we need to protect consumers is a very cruel joke.

Dr. Sober Companion is Dr. Rob Tencer DC, BS. A licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who believes in abstinence of drugs from the perspective of a drug addict. You can not get abstinence from being around enablers, entourage, parents, friends. A good source to hang around is dr. sober companion.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The parents of michael jackson are using doctor conrad murray as the fall guy?

Dr. Sober companion was reviewing the many articles of the doctor who was with Michael Jackson when he died. Dr. Sober companion wants to know why is this doctor so important in the death of Michael Jackson, when there were so many warnings and many more people to blame?
This is not a conspiracy theory, but proof that enablers can ruin a life.

In a strategic communications or damage control move by someone hired in the michael jackson camp, (perhaps his parents), the deflection of guilt has begun for the death of a famous drug addict, even more famous than heath ledger. How long have they been planning this charade?

Dr. Conrad Murray was selected by michael jackson and paid by his concert promoter Randy Phillips, president and CEO of AEG Live, the company promoting Jackson's tour. The perfect fall guy to take the blame for the death of michael jackson. A doctor with a past of money problems and legal issues easily reviewed by the internet or a simple credit check. (or a team of nearly out of work reporters, fighting to keep their jobs)

What fan of Michael Jackson would not want to work with an icon? Dr. Murray was easy to obtain and manipulate. Dr. Murray needed the money and made a deal with the devil, that would cost him his license and his dignity as a human being.

For this fall guy to refuse all that was promised to him, was far to much to turn down. He was bought and paid for, and this alone is why he should not be to blame. It is true that Dr. Murray, was Jackson's physician for three years, but even with a history with Michael, the drug addiction started before michael found the latest in a line of "yes" doctors. Dr. Murray surely made the wrong choices and will suffer everything that comes along with those life decisions.

We know Michael had a drug addiction because of a lawsuit in 2007 between Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills vs. Michael Jackson for allegedly not paying a pharmacy bill grand total: $101,926.66. Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills sued Michael Jackson, claiming he agreed to "pay the purchase price of any prescription medications filled." We have the news reporters to thank, for uncovering this fact.

It was also reported in the news, that the concert promoter took several massive insurance policies out on the chance the tour would be canceled. The insurance company required medical physicals before agreeing to insure AEG.

The concert tour promoter Randy Phillips, president and CEO of AEG Live, said that sometime in February 2009, Michael Jackson submitted to "five-plus hours of physicals that the insurance underwriter insisted on. The concert promoter was told Michael Jackson passed with flying colors."

If anyone did more than a 5 hours battery of medical physicals designed to detect health problems, drugs in the system, severe weight loss or needle pricks from the daily or hourly injections of a full blown addict and then cleared the patient, you would have to say the physical exam was a joke.

Michael Jackson, in poor health and highly addicted to drugs would have certainly tested positive to real tests and should have failed the exams. Do you really think this can be blamed on a single doctor, and not a larger entity of people? Its like saying Madoff did it all without knowledge of anyone else in his company.

What other medical doctors and labs were part of this scam? You would have to also blame the medical lab and even the phlebotomist who drew the blood and urine samples, and whomever was involved in this scam to hide the true health of Michael Jackson.

Randy Phillips said AEG Live held multiple insurance policies covering cancellation of the shows. If the truth is uncovered about the true health of the drug addict Michael Jackson, then Randy Phillips and AEG wil never collect.

Dr. Sober Companion does not see how the parents are not to blame for creating what michael jackson became.

You as a parent can turn your childrens life around before its to late, remove the enablers from your childs life, and save their life. You want to help your children don't you? Dr. Sober Companion is here to help save your child's life. Dr. Sober Companion is beyond reproach. If you are the enabler of your child, then your child is in big trouble. Just look at what happened to Michael Jackson as a reality check.