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Thursday, August 18, 2011

sober escorts are not that kind of guy or gal

why do people think sober escorts are working guys or gals who get paid by the hour?

We use the term sober escort, because sober companions wanted to offer a safe option of transportation when leaving a rehab facility or leaving one safe environment free of drugs, alcohol and enablers and going to another safe environment, all while being supervised and kept away from drugs, alcohol and enablers.

The problem is, while sober companions want to offer full time 24 hour supervision, most are not properly insured to transport their clients. We at dr. sober companion are not in the escort business, and instead recommend or refer to private limousine companies, or better yet a full time driver on call 24 hours a day.

Limo drivers are properly bonded and insured to transport passengers, while they are not medically trained, or knowledgeable about our clients, we travel with you as a passenger, and not as an escort.
For some reason, someone wanted to get cute, and gain the interest of the public, and make them sound different as an escort, but all people really thought was that they were working girls and guys offering...

(my terms of service agreement with google doesn't allow for more graphic descriptions of what people really think sober escorts are, but you can guess)

dr. sober companion is not an escort. This escort business was brought to our attention, when our other sober companion blog started pulling stories about domestic and european escorts, when we were trying to pull news feeds about sober companions. A sober escort is not a prostitute. All posts were deleted with the keyword escorts.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amy Winehouse dies under sober companions careless watch?

what if amy winehouse or someone young and in their 20's died under a sober companion's supposedly careful 24 hour watch? (because she said no no no to rehab) mentioned in a post from close friends of amy winehouse, that she was not using any drugs or alcohol when she passed away, but they did say she was very weak, and it was obvious she had a very poor immune system from heavy drug and alcohol addictions.

What this means is amy winehouse did not die from an overdose, but can we blame her friends or her parents for her early death? What about the sober companion?

This post is hypothetical, but could have just as well have happened in real life.

If amy winehouse was clean and sober, but weak, could it be blamed on the sober companion, if she was under their supervision when she died? While things as trivial as dehydration, heat stroke, can easily kill someone, so can suffocation and drowning. But can you blame the sober companion if the client dies, while under their supervision?

dr. sober companion believes the above scenario's fall under mistreatment, neglect of duties, to someone as vulnerable as an addict, regardless how short a time or how long they have been recovering, so we say YES, the sober companion is responsible for the death.

dr. sober companion would also go as far to say, suicide attempts and a successful suicide attempt during a sober companion's care, is also a form of neglect of duties, when you know the person is vulnerable, depressed, and miserable without their drugs or alcohol.
the job of the sober companion is to keep the client away from drugs and alcohol, and deny you access to them. the responsibilities involved are heavy, and suicide attempts are a real possibility that must not be overlooked.

A sober companion is responsible for suicide of their client.

Even if a client sneaks away, is killed while away, it is also the sober companions fault, for neglecting the client, even for a moment. It is also for this reason, that a sober companion sleeps close by, in the same room as the client, and never leaves your side.

With the job of a sober companion, comes a very great responsibility, to keep you alive. That is after all what you are paying for. Your early death can be prevented, and dr sober companion is here to help you stay alive.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are you free of drug and alcohol use for 30 days?

dr. sober companion wants to know if you are 30 days clean?

A 30 day's buffer, free of alcohol and drug use will give you:

1. a good chance to stay alive
2. a good chance to stay clean
3. your body after the withdrawl needs time to recover
4. time to get away from enablers
5. proof that you really want to get better

perhaps there is a misconception between dr. sober companion and rehab facilities, that may confuse you about who we are.

dr. sober companion would like to clear things up right now.

When we at dr. sober companion say: "we recommend rehab facilities", we say this for the explicit purpose of keeping you alive.

You must stay clean for 30 days, before we will accept you as a client.

Before you can call dr. sober companion for help, you or someone who cares about you, needs to check you into a local rehab facility or one of our recommended rehab facilities.

As mentioned previously, We require you to be clean and sober for 30 days, before we can begin.

The natural transition from a rehab facility, back to your life should be with dr. sober companion, and not with AA or a 12 step related sponsor. The reason is, we need you free of all enablers.

The perfect way to prove to yourself and to us that you want our care is going first to a rehab facility.

While rehab facilities can give you the fundamentals you need to stay alive, they can make it feel like you are incarcerated and without freedom. While some rehab facilities are quick to take your money and even quicker, to throw you out for breaking their rules, we suggest you have a couple choices of rehab facilities, just in case, to help you get through the first 30 days, before calling dr. sober companion with the next stage of keeping you alive.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NBC today show drug addiction minus a sober companion spells disaster

NBC today show drug addiction minus a sober companion spells disaster. NBC was caught replaying the famous doctor shopping segment, minus dr. sober companion (Dr. Rob Tencer DC, BSc), whom originally appeared in the segment.

Dr. Sober Companion on the today show, NBC

Dr. sober companion is once again compelled to set the record straight.

It was recently brought to the attention of dr. sober companion, that NBC today show michael jackson doctor shopping segment, featuring dr. Sober companion and the under cover work of david lerman was replayed, this time in connection with the corey haim drug overdose from obtaining drugs from dr. Feelgood, much in the same way that was discovered and presented by dr. sober companion and his guest david lerman.

This time though, the part about dr. Tencer wanting to save lives, was removed from the segment, while keeping david lerman's under cover dr. shopping segment.

We at dr. sober companion wanted to correct a few errors in the NBC today show segment.
First, the person described as working for dr. Sober companion and shown going under cover in dr. feelgood offices to gain the prescriptions was done not by an employee, nor was he ever a patient, but by a person named david lerman, who was so masterful at obtaining prescriptions from doctors, because he himself is an addicted alcoholic and drug addict, who was just showing his own technique of doctor shopping.

David Lerman paid to score prescriptions by NBC producers

Mr. Lerman was not acting as an addict in the segment, and was not employed by dr. Sober companion, he was however compensated by NBC, either in promises or money or both.

Dr. Sober companion was never compensated for appearing on the NBC today show,
and did not ask for compensation. Dr. Sober companion is trying to reveal the truth, and wanted his message to be heard.

David Lerman as a patient needing drug prescriptions

I brought david lerman (drug addict) with me to the segment to give the american public a reality of abuse of pharmaceutical drugs by addicts and to show that medical doctors are very involved in aiding drug addicts, with their drug addictions. (It did not turn out as I thought it would, as they removed almost everything I said, and only kept the drug addict scoring prescriptions.)

Its time for the medical profession to bare the blame for killing children. Its also time for pharmaceutical companies to take the blame for producing killing devices, far worse than any street drug, gun or other means of killing.

Its time for everyone who has been brainwashed to snap out of their spell, and see
what is really going on with the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry, and the politicians who have been bought off, to look the other way. Its time to remove the advertising on TV, billboards and print that is far more life threatening than camel cigarette cartoon ads.

NBC and other networks should be ashamed of themselves for accepting the pharmaceutical industry blood money, or they should also be held accountable for the deaths from drug
addiction and forms of murder such as overdosing.

Its also time to rethink the fake research and testing documents or to place further blame on the FDA, for their complicity in the fraud of the medical industry.

The killing must stop. The murderers must be brought to justice. Dr. Sober companion may have been silenced from his today show appearance, but the truth will always prevail. While mr. Lerman hides behind a vail, has his voice changed, or is seen in shadow, make no mistake, he is being enabled by greedy TV producers who care nothing for an addict, except how well he can score drugs. Mr. Lerman needs help, but after his lies and thefts from dr. Tencer, he is no
longer welcome to come to us.

David Lerman is not the victim of tv producers, because he actually shops his abilities for scoring drugs to the highest bidders.

This kind of madness makes for compelling TV

The only real drug expert is an addict, and the only real sober companion is one that demands total abstinence from enablers and replacement therapies as well as pharmaceutical drugs and street drugs.

Dr. Sober companion's main focus is to keep your children alive and stop them from becoming addicts, and to stop you from enabling your own children without knowing you are the cause of their addictions.

Links / Related Stories

Dr. Sober Companion was featured this 7/10/2009 on the #1 morning show in the USA, NBC The Today Show, in a special story called: "Undercover: Prescription meds in Hollywood". The video is available online from NBC entitled: "Undercover: getting drugs in Hollywood". The description of the segment on the NBC site is "Video: TODAY examines how easy it is for people with cash to get drugs."

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Dr. Drew like you have never seen before

Today show hires real life drug addict to score prescription drugs

Thursday, January 28, 2010

parents do not consider prescription drugs bad

There is a problem in America and other countries where medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies have brainwashed the public into thinking that illegal drugs are bad and prescription drugs are good. PARENTS ARE CLUELESS

Could Dr. Sober Companion have saved Brittany Murphy from dieing so young? The answer is YES, But as a parent, armed with skepticism for ANY prescription drugs given to your children, you can also save your children's lives. Stop being so gullible to the medical industry, who are nothing more than glorified drug pushers.

Many times, prescription drugs are just pharmaceutical grade equivalents for speed (cocaine effects), and similar street drugs. Because they are prescribed, they are seemingly harmless and non-addicting. This is farthest from the truth. Dr. Sober Companion would begin by removing all prescription drugs from your children's environment, and finding why they have been taking them. The menace medical doctor who prescribed them must be stopped, from poisoning any more children.

While I don't talk about removing life sustaining drugs, I do talk about ADD drugs, and other seemingly harmless drugs, that even your child's teacher recommended.

Parents who want the best for their children, send them to drug pushing medical doctors. The parents knowingly allow the prescriptions, and even pay for them, trusting the medical doctor who prescribed them wholeheartedly. Have you ever done this for your children?

You have a problem and cannot completely be blamed, because of your trust of your family doctor. Please wake up to the fact that your medical doctors are really to blame, and all the fake medical research and the good looking (playmate quality) pharmaceutical rep, who lobbies the medical doctor to prescribe their meds.

Dr. Sober Companion knows, that you, as a parent are bombarded daily, by advertising on supposedly ad-free satellite radio, television (especially NBC), and magazines and newspapers. In politics, the pharmaceutical companies spend billions on changing healthcare and inclusion of their drugs while excluding cheaper canadian imports.

Dr. Sober Companion truly believes that Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack does not understand the concept that prescription drugs kill, more than illegal drugs, when he makes the foolish statement: “In all the time I’ve known her, she has never, and I repeat NEVER, done drugs. Not a line of cocaine, not a hit from a joint, nothing. She was anti-drugs. There are no drugs involved. If any were, I would not be on the phone with you,” the agent explains. (he does not refer to any prescription's)

But if no illegal substances were involved in Brittany’s odd actions, then how can the hordes of prescription medication found in the couple’s bathroom be explained?

Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, explains to the Daily Beast that her daughter was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, mitral valve prolapse, and suffered from hypoglycemia, but was only taking Sarafem for menstrual symptoms and Klonepan for anxiety. (what about the other prescription bottles found?)

While Simon and Brittany's mother Sharon are not completely to blame, they were gullable at protecting Brittany from all the prescription drugs that Brittany Murphy consumed. Being on set and protecting a petite and frail actress from mean and obnoxious studio heads and directors was not where Brittany needed the most help.

In the wake of young actress Brittany Murphy’s sudden death, her husband Simon Monjack

I was never, ever drunk there… I was ‘difficult’ because I was the enforcer to protect Brittany. She was far too nice to stand up to directors and producers who wanted her to work to exhaustion.”

Sharon Murphy reveals that Simon loved her daughter as she explains to the Daily Beast, “Simon was her soul mate, the love of her life. They don’t understand that in Hollywood because it was something real.”

Give your children the chance for a long and healthy life. Remove the prescription drugs, spend more time with your children and if you need to, call Dr. Sober Companion

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If famous and weathly addicts only want Lori Cerasoli to be their sober companion will celebs die waiting?

Lori Cerasoli is a sober companion that has been written about numerous times as being associated with alcoholic and drug addicted celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Mary Kate Olsen.

There have even been articles about celebs fighting over Lori Cerasoli, and who should have access. From the articles about Lori Cerasoli, we learn that a female sober companion like Lori Cerasoli, works best with females, while a sober companion like dr. sober companion's rob tencer, works best with males.

Please remember that dr. sober companion works on the principles of total abstinence of drugs and alcohol, and complete removal of the enablers that are ruining your life. Sometimes, enablers include family. Also remember, that Lori Cerasoli was a recovering alcoholic herself, unlike dr. sober companion rob tencer, whom never had a drug or alcohol addiction.

Please keep in mind that dr. sober companion also employs female sober companions, so you can have someone like Lori Cerasoli when you really need it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can a sober companion help a drug addicted fall guy professional athlete who got caught?

Can a sober companion help a drug addicted fall guy professional athlete that got caught? Is the problem that small, or is it not only with him but the entire sport.

What sport you may ask?

Well in many sports this might be the case, where grown men are asked to destroy and beat up their bodies on a nightly basis, while the only way to recover that quickly are through massive amounts of pain killers and steroids to aid in tissue restoration and growth.

If you were thinking the sport is NFL football, or NHL hockey, or even MLB baseball (manny ramirez Los Angeles Dodger suspension for illegal steroid drug use in 2009) you would be correct, but this post details WWE wrestler, Jeff Hardy.

Can the drug use be stopped in professional sports with the use of a sober companion? The answer is no, the epidemic cannot be stopped or controlled with the help of a sober companion.

Consider the size of these professional athletes and how ramped up on cocaine, and steroids they are. Pain makes people miserable and mean. They could potentially kill the sober companion, who is the only thing keeping them from their stash of drugs, and their suppliers.

Getting beat up or killed is not worth the money. Like Dr. Howard Samuels says, "the addict has to want to help themselves". If that were the case, dr. sober companion would reconsider.

Jeff Hardy was arrested today near his home in Cameron, North Carolina on charges of trafficking in prescription pills and possession of anabolic steroids.

The Moore County Sheriff's Office confirmed that during a search of his home they seized:

  • 262 Vicodin prescription pills
  • 180 Soma prescription pills
  • 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids
  • Cocaine
  • Drug paraphernalia
With an estimated street value of the drugs seized was $2,500.00, the question is: was jeff hardy supplying the whole sport of professional wrestling? Jeff Hardy, 32, was the subject of a joint investigation by officers from the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit, Moore County Sheriff’s Office Select Enforcement Unit and the Fayetteville Police Department.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

smoking gun will free dr conrad murray of michael jackson death and it is so obvious

evidence tampering by a wealthy family called the Jacksons

Everyone is familiar with cover ups to protect the family, and to what extent family loyalty plays in the death of Michael Jackson. Do the Jackson family think they can get away with evidence tampering, then after everything is removed, to return and plant new evidence not discovered by police dogs trained in detecting drugs, and police investigators and detectives?

The reason you are reading about the michael jackson death on a sober companion blog, is that I want you to know that michael jackson would still be alive if dr. sober companion was hired.

I know this to be a fact, because dr. sober companion works by total abstinence of drugs and alcohol and complete removal of enablers, including family and especially doctors hired to administer injections.

"Michael was being inappropriately treated by people who got him hooked on drugs,” she told the News of the World. "He had many needle marks on his neck and on his arms, and more about those will emerge in the next few weeks. But nothing has changed my mind that this was murder.”

About Dr. Conrad Murray, very nice of him to lead police to a secret stash that all of the sudden materialised, even though the room was checked the first time by police dogs and detectives.

"The second search was triggered as a result of the interview LAPD had with Dr. Conrad Murray, according to law enforcement sources. The point of the search, in large part, was to retrieve medication."

This proves that Dr. Murray and the jackson family are working together on a scheme that is not completely apparent at present time. It was a done deal that dr. murray would lose his medical license, and serve time, but is it strong enough to put the blame on him and deflect blame on michael jackson and his enabling family?

Well we know that this damage control method is working, because everything bad about michael jackson in truth and rumors has melted away. Charges of child molestation and secret rooms filled with nazi memorabillia, songs of anti semitism are almost completeley forgotten
and erased, now that michael jackson has been compared to a saint. Record sales are through the roof, and video game rockstar is going to release the beatles on 9/09/09 which michael jackson's estate owns most of the publishing rights to the songs used in the video game.

Crime scene / do not enter

The smoking gun is EVIDENCE TAMPERING, and it happened before our eyes.

After watching TV shows like COPS, CSI, LAW AND ORDER and even DRAGNET and the general knowledge of when the police put up a police line with yellow tape that says crime scene, do not enter / do not cross, its because of an investigation for evidence.

Is this not clear that the yellow tape is outside the crime scene?

Is this not proof, that nothing leaves or comes in the crime scene?

Maybe the police or the district attorney can then explain the following:

A moving van was seen leaving the home of Michael Jackson this afternoon after, we're told, his father Joe Jackson ordered Michael's belongings removed from the home and put in a storage facility.

Search warrants were issued to search Michael Jackson's house ... the searches have already taken place.

The searches that took place yesterday and last Friday were performed as a result of the warrants.

Michael Jackson's Mom Fears Looting

Posted Jun 29th 2009 7:07PM by TMZ Staff

The lawyer for Michael Jackson's mother filed documents in court today, sounding the alarm that people up to no good will try and fleece Michael's estate. The court had apparently had enough concern to make Katherine the administrator of the estate pending a hearing next Monday.

Katherine's attorney, Burt Levitch, claims there are numerous bank accounts of Michael's that are being controlled by third parties. He says the bank accounts are used "to pay expenses of [Michael's] parents' home." Levitch says these bank accounts need to be controlled so third parties don't misspend the money.

Levitch also says there is worry about Michael's stake in the Sony-ATV Music Publishing Catalog -- which includes Beatles' works -- that Levitch says is the most important asset in the estate. Levitch says no one is now representing Michael's interests and he wants Katherine to step in her late son's shoes.

Levitch says at least one person is claiming to have a power of attorney to act on Michael's behalf. Although a power of attorney would have ended when Michael died, Levitch worries that not everyone knows that and assets could be misappropriated.

Katherine has the right under the order "to control tangible personal property currently in the physical possession of a third party, and to marshall and secure such assets."

You know what the breaking news of the morning is? A friggin moving van in front of Michael Jackson's house. And it wasn’t just a quick one-liner deal either. Hell, you woulda thought Kim Jong-il lobbed a nuke at Hawaii (it’s a damned good thing your vacation is over Buffy) or something. OK, I go into the kitchen, make coffee, come back and the damned moving van is still on the tube.

Pissed, I do what I always do when CNN has dumb shit on the tube, I go to Google News to read something worthwhile and what do I see? Yes! A goddamned moving van.

The driver, who declined to give his name, says he is dropping off a few things. He declined to elaborate, saying he signed a confidentiality agreement with the shipper.

The van said Beverly Hills Allied Moving and Storage on its side.

Janet Jackson and two moving trucks arrived to the Los Angeles home of Michael Jackson Saturday morning.

The Associated Press reports Jackson arrived to Michael Jackson's Holmby Hills residence wearing dark glasses and went straight into the property, where outside two moving trucks were parked and had arrived shortly before.

About eight movers were seen entering the property with dollies and packing equipment, says the AP.

It us not immediately clear who sent the movers or what items they could be taking out of the residence.

Two moving vans arrived at Michael Jackson’s rented Holmby Hills mansion this morning, and workers are removing items from the home and loading them into one of the vans.

The large, white Atlas Van Lines trucks came about the same time Janet Jackson arrived. She drove up in a maroon Bentley while wearing dark sunglasses. Before noon, one truck was inside the estate’s massive black gates, and the other van waited outside.

Meanwhile, hundreds of fans continued to converge at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, lining up to catch a glimpse of Michael Jackson’s star on the Walk of Fame, with almost everyone carrying a snapshot camera or cellphone camera. Security guards hurried fans along, with one telling them, “Hurry up and take a picture!” A few fans placed roses, signs, teddy bears, balloons and photos near the star; the items stretched for several feet along the sidewalk.

On top of Jackson’s star lay a rosary and five red roses. A cluster of candles was placed just off to the side.

At the Jackson family home in Encino, dozens of fans joined dozens of photographers and journalists waiting for any movement inside the home.

As they stood outside in the blazing sun, some emotional fans sought comfort in posting pictures and notes on the wall outside the home. Others surveyed the journalists as they walked up to the wall, hoping to get interviewed or photographed.

Before noon, several boxes of Domino’s pizza arrived at the home, and a few were given to police officers standing watch. Two black minivans left the home this morning. Later, a UPS driver delivered a package.

-- Lawrence K. Ho in Holmby Hills, Christina House in Hollywood, Jay L. Clendenin in Encino and the Associated Press

Photo: A moving truck arrives at the Holmby Hills home where Jackson was staying before he died. Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

Photo: Robin Chen of Guangzhou, China reaches to shoot photos of Michael Jackson's star on Hollywood Boulevard. Christina House / For the Los Angeles Times

Photo: Media and fans gathered outside the gates of the Jackson family home in Encino. Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

Moving vans showed up at the Jackson home yesterday, leaving about an hour later. There was no indication what they might have taken. There was also no word from the family on funeral plans.

Removal truck leaves Jackson home
Source: Mark Ralston, AFP
Published: Sunday, June 28, 2009 6:39 AEST

A removal truck leaves the rented Holmby Hills home of music legend Michael Jackson in Los Angeles on June 27, 2009, two days after his death.

Unidentified personnel stand by a moving van outside the home rented by Michael Jackson in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles Saturday. Janet Jackson arrived at the Holmby Hills estate Saturday, where moving vans arrived earlier in the day.

Two days after Jackson died at a Los Angeles hospital, sisters Janet and La Toya arrived at the mansion Jackson had been renting. They left without addressing reporters.

Moving vans also showed up at the Jackson home, leaving about an hour later. There was no indication what they might have taken away.

The Jackson family issued a statement Saturday expressing its grief over the death and thanking his supporters.

"In one of the darkest moments of our lives we find it hard to find the words appropriate to this sudden tragedy we all had to encounter," said the statement made through People magazine. "We miss Michael endlessly."

Police towed Murray's car from Jackson's home hours after Jackson died and said later it could contain medication or other evidence. Coroner's officials also said Jackson was taking prescription medication but declined to elaborate.

Moving vans also showed up at the Jackson home, leaving about an hour later. There was no indication what they might have taken away.

Michael Jackson's death: Moving vans arrive at Holmby Hills mansion
aggregated from: LA Now Blog
Two moving vans arrived at Michael Jackson's rented Holmby Hills mansion this morning, and workers are removing items from the home and loading them into one of the vans. The large, white Atlas Van Lines trucks came about the same time Janet Jackson arrived. She drove up in a maroon Bentley while wearing dark sunglasses. Before noon, one truck was inside the estate's massive black gates, and the other van waited outside.Meanwhile, hundreds of fans continued to converge at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, lining up to catch a glimpse of Michael Jackson's star on the Walk of Fame, with almost everyone carrying a snapshot camera or cellphone camera. Security guards hurried fans along, with one telling them, Hurry up and take a picture! A few fans placed roses, signs, teddy bears, balloons and photos near the star; the items stretched for several feet along the sidewalk. On top of Jackson's star lay a rosary and five red roses. A cluster of candles was placed just off to the side. At the Jackson family home in Encino, dozens of fans joined dozens of photographers and journalists waiting for any movement inside the home. As they stood outside in the blazing sun, some emotional fans sought comfort in posting pictures and notes on the wall outside the home. Others surveyed the journalists as they walked up to the wall, hoping to get interviewed or photographed. Before noon, several boxes of Domino's pizza arrived at the home, and a few were given to police officers standing watch. Two black minivans left the home this morning. Later, a UPS driver delivered a package.-- Lawrence K. Ho in Holmby Hills, Christina House in Hollywood, Jay L. Clendenin in Encino and the Associated PressPhoto: A moving truck arrives at the Holmby Hills home where Jackson was staying before he died. Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles TimesPhoto: Robin Chen of Guangzhou, China reaches to shoot photos of Michael Jackson's star on Hollywood Boulevard. Christina House / For the Los Angeles TimesPhoto:

Of course, there was far more unease in what the exhibition revealed about Jackson's megalomania and arrested development. Or, check that: the exhibition didn't reveal anything you don’t already know about Jackson’s megalomania and arrested development; what it did was invite you to wallow in them. Remember Living with Michael Jackson, the documentary by Martin Bashir that ran on ABC a few years ago, the one that featured an adolescent boy cuddling with Jackson who later testified in court that the performer had molested him? This was the 3-D Imax version. Some of it was like Nazi art: kitschy, but not funny, or not funny enough. Or, okay, pretty funny, but you then felt guilty for laughing. Some of it you couldn’t believe you were seeing, and, yes, within that category were items that spoke to Jackson’s former legal troubles—I’m sure inadvertently. (He was, you remember, acquitted.)

Murray's silver Mercedes was towed from the home where Jackson died so detectives could search it for evidence and medication.


The celebrity website reported that a second autopsy was underway at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon, on the orders of the Jackson family.

Speculation has centered on Jackson's use of prescription drugs and reports that he was injected with the narcotic painkiller Demerol shortly before he went into cardiac arrest.

Coroner's officials have said that with no outward signs of trauma to Jackson's body or evidence of foul play, they would have to wait for the results of toxicology tests and other studies to establish a cause of death.

Few other details were released about the autopsy's findings, but Fox News reported on its website that investigators had found his body to be healthier and stronger than they had expected, with some scarring on the face.

Moving van crews emptied the rental home of Jackson's belongings, reportedly on the orders of his father, Joseph, who was concerned they would be stolen.

Friday, August 21, 2009

drugs to stay up all night. nurse jackie teaches us how nurses and doctors can stay up on double shifts

Edie Falko as Drug Addicted hospital worker Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie Peyton is a drug addicted hospital nurse. I always wondered how emergency room hospital staff could pull off double and triple shifts. RN's, MD's, and Interns get the pep from prescription pills. Is this that far from the truth, or just a TV show?

Do we really need to be wary of the doctors and nurses who are supposed to be saving our lives, while high on prescription drugs, themselves? Unless you hire a sober companion like dr. sober companion, the answer is YES.

Edie Falko
Nurse Jackie
Do Hospital medical staff from around the country have super human abilities where they don't require sleep to do life saving jobs? There must be some explanation for their super powers to stay awake and alert, and now we know its the prescription drugs that have been the reason for the miraculous powers.

Dr. Sober Companion has stated many times that many health care givers and rehab staff are either DRUG ADDICTS or so called RECOVERING DRUG ADDICTS. Is this who you want to trust the life of your son or daughter with?

There is laws in place for potential abusers like truck drivers who are bound by a log that charts how much rest they have had, and DOT make it against the law to drive without sleep. Has the medical profession kept this a secret, or is their HUGE records of drug abuse amongst medical workers?

As an ER nurse, Nurse Jackie navigates the rough waters of a crumbling healthcare system, doing everything she can to provide her patients with the best care possible. Whether Nurse Jackie’s lighting into a smug doctor for failing to heed her advice, or stealing a fat money clip from a man who stabbed a prostitute and giving it to a pregnant widow, or forging the organ donor card of a man who just died, Nurse Jackie Peyton is compelled to make sense of the chaos and to level the playing field whenever she can. Right or wrong, it’s Nurse Jackie’s brand of justice all made that more manageable by a daily diet of prescription pain medication.

dr. howard samuels of wonderland clinic is a recovering drug addict, and so are most rehab workers and most sober companions (ALL EXCEPT DR. SOBER COMPANION) do you really want to trust the others with your son or daughters life?

Monday, August 10, 2009

dr. sober companion privacy policy and terms of use

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for dr. sober companion website / blog


Welcome to dr. sober companion website. By using our site, you agree to the following terms of use, which constitute an agreement between dr. sober companion and you.

1. This website is designed for general educational and information purposes only and does not render medical advice, unless otherwise indicated. The information provided through this website should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or illness. It is not a substitute for professional health care, and is designed to support - not replace - the relationship you have with your health care provider. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider.
2. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency medical services immediately. If you are seeking substance abuse rehabilitation, including substance detoxification, please contact dr. sober companion at
dr. sober copmpanion disclaims any liability whatsoever for any documentation, information, programs, software, or other material that is or may become a part of the website. dr. sober copmpanion does not warrant or guarantee that the information will not be offensive to any user and/or may not meet your needs and requirements.
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sober companion alert: Taking drugs make you forget about how much you drink

dr. sober companion wants to ask you about your drunk driving:

Taking drugs sometimes make you forget how much you have been drinking. Are you an alcoholic? Do you have a problem with alcohol? Have you been in a DUI incident once or more? All this talk about drug addiction makes people forget that drinking while driving may not only kill your children driving, but it may kill someone elses children as well.

dr. sober companion can save the lives of your children, and the children who might be killed by the DUI.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How far and how long have the jackson family hid michael jackson drug addiction?

Why do we keep hearing about Randy Jackson?

Stressful situations make a drug addict turn towards drugs as a way to deal and cope with their situation. Sometimes the situation turns towards suicide. Could the family have stopped the suicide? Is it suicide if the drugs are supplied to the victim?

‘Randy said Michael had been under severe stress because of the television program which had aired that night.

‘I recall him saying that an earlier TV documentary had caused all manner of problems and that Michael had worked himself into a frenzy of anxiety over this one.’

The first documentary was Living With Michael Jackson, in which British journalist interviewed the singer over eight months, from May 2002 to January 2003.

2 questions of this post:

1. how long have the jackson family known of michael jacsons addiction problem?

In December of 2003, a doctor said to a British newspaper that the jackson family knew of michael jackson's addiction to morphine. He also said the drug was injected.

Referring to handwritten notes he made at the time, the doctor, who asked not to be named, said: ‘I’d been treating Michael’s brother Randy for several months when I was awakened by a phone call from him at 1.51am. I was told someone wasn’t well and that they couldn’t call 911 [the US emergency services number] for security reasons.’

If they called 911 and the world knew of michael jackson's drug addiction, could this have helped keep him alive?

2. how did the younger brother of Michael Jackson, Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson become such an expert on drug addiction?

Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson (born October 29, 1961 in Gary, Indiana)
A. Randy is the youngest son in the Jackson family.
B. Randy is the eighth out of nine Jackson children to be born.
C. Randy has 3 children: Steveanna, Randy Jr., Genevieve

In 1980 Randy was in a huge car accident. Is that where the drug addiction started for Randy, or was it much before, as part of the Jackson 5? This could have been the origination of pain medication addiction.

The next part of Randy's life was full of weird situations, incarceration (1 month prison term) for beating up his first wife Eliza Shaffe and daughter Steveanna. (this would explain why michael jackson would not want to leave his children with Randy, a convicted child abuser and wife beater) Having a child (Genevieve Olaza) with another women (Alejandra Genevieve Olaza) while still married to Eliza. Randy followed up the prison term with a trip to a psychatric facility for 1 month. He had 1 more children Randy Jr. with the lady he cheated with during his first marriage.

Ok, now that we cleared things up on why an enabling brother was giving advice to Michael Jackson, and trying to say he offered help, advice and tried to get Michael committed just as he was. In the end, you can say this was a failure as not even the most trusted and loved family member (besides Michaels mother) could help him.

Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson on October 29, 1961 in Gary, Indiana) is an African-American singer and musician, a member of the Jacksons, and is the youngest son in the Jackson family. He is the eighth out of nine Jackson children to be born.

michael jackson death could have been prevented with sober companion.

michael jackson's death could have been prevented.

Dr. sober companion could have saved michael jackson's life. It is not to late to save the life of your son or daughter!

Here is a few techniques to prove how dr. sober companion could have saved michael jackson's life.

1. remove ALL enablers.
2. remove ALL drugs
3. remove ALL reasons for WANTING drugs
4. 24 hour supervision (to insure total compliance)
5. other proprietary method's

A typically Hollywood invention, a 'sober companion' aka 'sober coach', is a trained professional who accompanies a patient full-time to ensure they stay off drugs. They administer random drug tests and liaise with psychiatrists and other doctors to keep the patient DRUG FREE and sober.
dr. sober companion could have saved michael jackson's life!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

corrections in the michael jackson functioning drug addict story

Sarah Allen Benton, the author of "Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic: Professional Views and Personal Insights" wrote us with some corrections of an earlier post, which we agreed to correct on this blog.

Sarah Allen Benton describes high-functioning alcoholics as people who are able to maintain respectable, even high-profile lives. That balancing act continues until something dreadful happens that reveals the truth and forces the person to enter a treatment program or lose everything that means anything. (Including their life. Think michael jackson or heath ledger).

While Ms. Benton agreed that there are similarities between high functioning alcoholics and a high functioning drug addict, she never implied anything about michael jackson, his drug addiction, or symptoms of a functioning drug addict nor the way a drug addict reveals their addiction to their friends, family or the public, nor anything to do with michael jackson molestation charges.

Ms. Benton did say that the functioning alcoholic sometimes reveals their addiction or gets exposed for having made inappropriate sexual advances. (dr. sober companion drew a conclusion from this statement to try to connect the two together.)

Ms. Benton identifies herself as a recovering alcoholic with an addiction problem (not to drugs), while Dr. sober Companion is Dr. Rob Tencer DC, BS, whom never was a drug addict and never had problems with alcohol.

To our knowledge, Dr. Sober Companion is the only sober companion to have never been a drug addict or alcoholic, which also means he will never be an enabler to your son or daughter.

In retrospect, I was trying to hit people over the head with the similarities, and went a little to far to demonstrate the connections between high functioning alcoholics as described in "Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic: Professional Views and Personal Insights", and the Michael Jackson high functioning drug addiction. For that, I apologize.

This is a very emotional topic for me and my passion for speaking against enablers got the best of me. How could the michael jackson entourage of family, friends, doctors and staff not see the signs of drug addiction? That is why enablers must be completly removed from the lives of people you are trying to save.

michael jackson doctors like conrad murray must take fall for pharmaceutical companies to continue its drug addiction unfettered.

Michael Jackson's last doctor on record Dr. Conrad Murray
(unless you count the coroner Dr. Quincy)

When we last wrote about Michael Jackson's on call doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, it looked as if he was off the hook because he was cooperating with the homicide investigation of Michael Jackson.

Everyone wants to know the following:

While there will be countless fake and real names found on the pill bottle prescriptions found at the homicide scene of michael jackson, the only real incriminating name is of doctors who supplied the pharmaceutical prescription drugs. This is a witch hunt of blame, where anyone of the entourage could be to blame as much as the doctors giving the prescriptions. (think howard k. stern)

Everyone wants to know which doctors names were uncovered in evidence during Michael Jackson child molestation supeonea of evidence on the premises of neverland ranch, which included syringes and pill bottles with prescription information on them which also included the doctor who prescribed them. Did Debbie Rowe say to much about the syringes and injections?

Dr. Sober Companion is Dr. Rob Tencer DC, BS. A licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who believes in abstinence of drugs from the perspective of a drug addict. You can not get abstinence from being around enablers, entourage, parents, friends. A good source to hang around is dr. sober companion.
The question I hope to answer:

Can someone please explain to the sober companion audience of this blog, why the michael jackson death is a wake up call that should put all blame (or most of it) on the pharmaceutical industry and government, and not on the doctor, and write it in simple english?

This can be answered in a simple answer. The pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars to bribe the government, that they are not to blame. So far it has been working!

If we were looking at a food chain we would start with phamaceutical industry at the top, then government, then doctor, then pharmacist, then you. Somewhere in there we should throw in massive marketing and lobbying campaign.

People injured by drugs are blocked from getting in justice by trial, because government blocks blame with FDA road blocks.

What does this all mean to the michael jackson homicide investigation and you?

If someone like Michael Jackson has a personality trait that is easily addicted to things like prescription pharmaceuticals (drug addiction), plastic surgery addiction, can you blame the doctor?

This addiction sounds very much like the argument against the tobacco industry and addictive qualities of nicotine. We know that the tobacco industry knew of the addiction and the death it caused and the eventual outcome of the battle that took at least twenty years to win.
The point is, stop pointing the finger at the doctor and go after the real criminal which is none other than the pharmaceutical industry.

Yes, a doctor can be negligent, but the risk of what they administer is in the small print.

(do you know what happened to the small print in tobacco?)
the small print became MUCH EASIER TO READ
Proper warning labels

Improper warning labels

The argument against pharmaceutical and government (FDA)

Lawsuits, industry advocates say, can expose drug makers to a conflicting hodgepodge of jury decisions in multiple state courts that often contradict the expert judgment of the FDA when it decides what warnings belong on a drug label. The FDA-approved label, they argue, should trump the findings of juries who lack the same expertise. Wyeth and its supporters want the high court to rule that the FDA's powers pre-empt state court lawsuits that claim stricter drug warnings were needed.

That logic is known as the pre-emption argument, which maintains that the federal government has the last word on drug labeling. And, therefore, government warnings override legal challenges after a drug has been approved. (Bernadette Tansey, San Francisco Chronicle)
Information obtained by Representative Henry Waxman (D., CA) show that neither FDA staffers nor FDA experts agree with the pre-emption position of the White House administration:
"We know that many currently approved drug labels are out of date and in many cases contain incorrect information," the committee report quoted top FDA official Dr. John Jenkins as saying in a 2003 internal policy memo.

What makes the whole thing especially outrageous is that the FDA now requires approval to change a warning label when new adverse event information becomes known to the manufacturer. In previous administrations the FDA actually encouraged drug makers to update their labels immediately.

A recent Supreme Court decision upheld federal pre-emption clauses in legislation for medical devices, but this language isn't in the same statutes concerning drugs. Nevertheless, Big Pharma and the white house administration argue it is "implied."

There is now a developing consensus, even amongst in the public health establishment that FDA is a broken agency. Thus to maintain that this hollow husk of a regulatory agency's warning labels is all we need to protect consumers is a very cruel joke.

Dr. Sober Companion is Dr. Rob Tencer DC, BS. A licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who believes in abstinence of drugs from the perspective of a drug addict. You can not get abstinence from being around enablers, entourage, parents, friends. A good source to hang around is dr. sober companion.

Friday, July 17, 2009

how do prescription drugs get in your medicine cabinet?

How do prescription drugs get in your medicine cabinet?

Drug czar Richard Gil Kerlikowske
United States Office of National Drug Control policy

The drug czar Richard Gil Kerlikowske of the United States Office of National Drug Control policy, recently went on record by deflecting blame by pharmaceutical companies for drug addiction and over dose deaths and instead placing the blame solely on the parents.

Dear drug czar. Maybe you can answer these questions, if you really blame the parents?

How many millions of dollars are required to get a highly addictive drug FDA approved?
How many drugs show up in the pharmacy that are not FDA approved?
How do pharmaceutical drugs get to the pharmacy?

How many times have you heard the drugs side effect is more beneficial than what it was created for?

Drugs like viagra were not meant for erectile disfunction, but as a heart medication. The same for rogaine for hair growth, etc...

Is it possible that highly addictive drugs masqueraded as LIFE SAVING pharmaceuticals, but the SECRETLY KNOWN use was for very different reasons and the another secretly known side effect is to get people ADDICTED.

We now know that tobacco industry knew about addiction and increased levels of nicotine to keep people addicted. They also knew about the continued use causing cancer and painful deaths.

How many people will need to die of prescription drugs before our government puts an end to this?

The problem of prescription drugs might be blamed on parents, but not for the same reasons people think. (Read Dr. Sober's blog on what the parents are really to blame for.)

The real problem is thinking that pharmaceutical companies who spend billions to addict you are not to blame.

Another addiction people have:
Think of petrol / gas for your auto. The monopoly addiction is when you can't get from point A to point B without buying gas for your automobile. Can't the governments change to a different fuel that we are not so addicted to?

This is the same reason that pharmaceutical companies can't possibly be blamed.
They give to much money in their lobbying efforts to the politicians in government.

Another example is when you watched me on NBC today with my anti drug message, some of the commercials shown at the break were for pharmaceutical prescription drugs. Does NBC have any ethics at all?

The correction of prescription drugs starts when politicians and media stop taking blood money from pharmaceutical companies that addict and kill people by the millions.

A Sober Companion might be the answer to saving your childrens lives, if you don't really think the medicine cabinet is to blame.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

NBC deletes Michael Jackson drug addiction bombshell interview to risk actors life

Dr. Rob Tencer on NBC Today Show
July 10, 2009

Dr. Sober Companion was featured this morning on the #1 morning show in the USA, NBC The Today Show, in a special story called: "Undercover: Prescription meds in Hollywood". The video is available online from NBC entitled: "Undercover: getting drugs in Hollywood". The description of the segment on the NBC site is "
Video: TODAY examines how easy it is for people with cash to get drugs."

The Truth behind the scenes of the NBC Today Show segment

After the media request from NBC today show producers, and on a very short notice, (within 1 hour) Dr. Sober Companion and his staff hurried to get media prepared in our own wardrobe, notes and rushed to the NBC studio in Burbank, California so they could record our segment and work on other segments that eventually people backed out of.

(many people backed out in fear of their life and of their medical licenses for what they were going to reveal, which would have incriminated themselves on the highest rated morning TV show in the USA.)

Dr. Sober Companion and his intake specialist Logan, (now revealed to be an actual drug addict and alcoholic named david lerman) sat side by side and gave a riveting interview of bombshell after bombshell. The NBC producer, had us give individual interviews, and would not allow us to speak as a team, and would not allow us to speak about the Dr. Sober Companion work that saves lives. They didn't seem to even care about our Michael Jackson drug addiction bombshells, and had their own agenda and set of questions.

During the interview, dr. sober companion explained in detail our technique on how we have become such experts about latest drugs and trends.

Dr. Sober Companion explained exactly what we do and why for the segment. Dr. Sober Companion explained what we do is to go undercover as a patient to the dr. feelgood offices.

Dr. Sober Companion expertly trained staff also pose as patients at rehab centers, and 12 step meetings.

The person who interviewed Logan (now revealed to be an actual drug addict and alcoholic named david lerman) and myself was so interested in this technique, that they cut my entire interview bombshell and all, into 1 sentence.

NBC Today show also cut in its entirety the interview of Logan (whom I insisted sit next to me), who dropped bombshells and made several wake up calls, that were certain to expose the truth about drug addiction in the Michael Jackson death. (Logan, now revealed to be an actual drug addict and alcoholic named david lerman)

Dr. Rob Tencer on NBC Today Show
July 10, 2009

For NBC to get the undercover operation, they hired my employee's that I originally gave them access to, but I backed out because I feared that they were risking the lives of my staff for their own agenda.

Before I backed out of the NBC undercover operation, Logan was in charge of training my staff for the undercover operation, and the staff member who continued with NBC undercover operation against the stern wishes of Dr. Sober Companion, became unemployed. (It was now revealed that Logan is an actual drug addict and alcoholic named david lerman, and was never employed by dr. sober companion, regardless of his expertise in his own drug addiction)

NBC made many promises for dr. sober companion's involvement including featuring my staff and myself and the dr. sober blog that originally gained the interest of the NBC today show producers.

The NBC producers and the reporter of the segment, constantly assured me that the blog would be shown in screen shots with the address prominently featured. NBC was dishonest, and were full of deceit by not following through with their promises. They lied to get my full cooperation.

They completely negated the message that dr. Sober stands for and the message that we know will save the lives of people who hear it.

We only ask that in any future media requests for interviews, you allow us to help save lives by spreading the dr. sober message.

Dr. Sober is available for media interviews, and can be reached by clicking below.

Why Dr. Drew Pinsky should not be considered a national expert on drug addiction unless you consider his clinical expertise at failure.

Dr. Drew Pinsky should not be considered a national expert

What is the role of: Internal medicine chief
and medical director of chemical dependency at
Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena?

Dr. Drew Pinsky claimed innocence, but the parents beg to differ.

The following article is why Dr. Drew Pinsky should not be considered a national expert on drug addiction unless you consider his clinical expertise at failure.

When parents care enough to help their children with expensive rehab clinics like Las Encinas, they place their trust in people like Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Responsible parents of Alex Clyburn's mother, Arline Clyburn and other responsible parents like father of Jeffrey Hearn, just wanted their children to live through the night at Las Encinas, and found out that their children died in the hands of a facility that Dr. Drew Pinsky was the director of. Dr. Drew Pinsky claimed innocence, but the parents beg to differ.

When you pick a dr. based on a TV reality show, where the patients being treated by the TV doctor have a 0% recovery and a 100% relapse rate, you are asking for trouble for your children.

Using Reality TV doctor advice in your real life crisis have resulted in deaths of children addicted to drugs. Even though dr. drew pinsky is a real doctor, the advice given during a reality show is not meant for gulible viewers to take seriously.

The parent of one of Dr. pinsky's victims said "I picked Dr. Drew Pinsky's rehab facility because of a couple of things." 1. Our son had been watching Dr. Drew Pinsky's program on TV"," 2. Dr. Drew Pinsky was considered a national expert. 3. The professional people who were experts in chemical dependency, 4. Our son had been watching Dr. Drew Pinsky's program on TV and was very impressed with his level of success" (perceived success as skewed for television. In reality there is patient confidentiality on these things)

When your name is being used to promote The Las Encinas facility's chemical dependency program as its director, The Los Angeles Times claims that Pinsky was the only physician whose photo was featured on the hospital website home page. It is now removed. Regardless of denials by Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of radio's "Love Line" and "Celebrity Rehab." Dr. Drew Pinsky has to take the blame for the daily functioning and staff of the Las Encinas rehab facility or admit he is a total fake.

Dr. Drew Pinsky decried: "These were not my patients", even though he is in charge of the facility, he has the audacity of denial.

If you love the title of Las Encinas facility director, like dr. drew pinsky enjoyed and get paid for the role, dr. drew pinsky must certainly take blame for the way the staff acted.

The parents of a patient who died under the watchful eye of its overseeing director Dr. drew pinsky said: "It was poor monitoring that led to her son's death. She continued, :"I think our son died because of the clinical incompetence and gross negligence, and the protocol that was insufficient," Clyburn said.

One of the other patients who died reportedly overdosed on another patient's drugs, according to KABC, and the third patient committed suicide by hanging himself.

In addition, the Los Angeles Times reported that a 14-year-old patient was raped by another 16-year-old patient.

Two of the patients who reportedly died were housed in the chemical dependency area of Las Encinas, and according the Los Angeles Times, the other two alleged incidents occured in the facility's hospital.

If you are a treating doctor, and you recommend professionally that your son enter his rehab hospital, to only become the place of his death, how can you not blame Dr. Drew Pinsky? Fact is, that dr. drew Pinsky did say that he had at one time treated Jeffrey Hearn, the patient who reportedly overdosed while staying at Las Encinas, but said that Hearn hadn't been in his care for several months.

To make matters worse, Hearn's father told the Los Angeles Times that because of Pinsky's support of his son, he had given a donation to the hospital.

When Alex Clyburn entered Las Encinas, a clinical registered nurse at the facility told the family he would be monitored every 15 minutes in the hours after he was admitted, but his mother said that didn't happen. According to the Los Angeles Times, the mental health worker involved in Clyburn's case has since been fired.

"He was absolutely not checked on every 15 minutes," said Arline Clyburn. "We left him at 10 p.m. in the evening. He was at 7:15 in the morning found stiff, rigid and unresponsive in his room lying in his bed.

"The paramedics called and arrived and pronounced him stiff and rigid and they didn't even perform CPR, and at 7:45 he was pronounced dead."

Clyburn said that one of the reasons the family chose Las Encinas was her son's admiration for Pinsky after watching the first season of "Celebrity Rehab."

"I picked it because of a couple of things, one of which was the professional people who were experts in chemical dependency, and our son had been watching Dr. Drew Pinsky's program on TV and was very impressed with his level of success," she said. "He was considered a national expert. "

"I think Dr. Drew is responsible for the quality of care on that unit and he should have known that there needed to be corrections made," said Clyburn, who said she plans to sue the hosptial for malpractice.

"I hold dr. drew pinsky responsible for my son's death, yes."

Another reason that group therapy (12 step and rehab clinics / hospitals) don't work.

"[Las Encinas'] layout makes it harder to watch patients," said Gatlin. "There are a lot of little buildings on the grounds, and when people are that vulnerable you need to be watching them closely."Pinsky acknowledged that the expansive facility does lead to what he referred to as "challenges" for the unit managers. "It's for sure a challenge on my unit in terms of keeping drugs out," said Pinsky. "But that's a challenge of any chemical dependency program -- it's just an extra one [at Las Encinas]. Where you find addicts, you find drugs. But we are hypervigilant."

Dr. sober companion is all about giving a client his full attention and a one on one approach, and removing all enablers.

In sharp contrast, Dr. drew Pinsky admits the failures of rehab facilities like his, have problems keeping drugs out. He continues to add: Where you find addicts, you find drugs. He states: "that's a challenge of any chemical dependency program".

Dr. Sober Companion clarify: "It should be corrected that it is a challenge to any group rehab facility and not a one on one approach of sober companions like dr. sober companion.

The challenge dr. drew pinsky has, is created when the motive is greed in filling the beds with addicts, instead of increasing the work and decreasing the amount of patients treated at the same time.