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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

open knee surgery for torn acl requires donjoy knee brace

open knee surgery for torn acl may require donjoy knee brace

Some people are born with bad knees, while others are reckless, and cause the need for open knee surgery all by themselves. donjoy knee braces are a popular choice for people with an active lifestyle.

(please note: not all of the images of knee surgery are tiger woods, but are used as an artistic explanation of how serious and painful knee surgery is. knee surgery could have lead to the primary drug addiction of tiger woods)

How did tiger woods become addicted after his knee injury?

tiger woods open knee surgeries and pain medication addiction: Doctor sober companion rediscovered why my visitors need pain medication and the addiction it causes when I saw how much people took an interest to my tiger woods pain medication addiction article. 

People were as interested in seeing the actual knee surgery photos, as they were as to the effects on tiger woods children. You see, pain killer addiction effects more than yourself. It effects your children and ends marriages, or its used as an excuse by a cheating man like tiger woods. While pain killers and acl surgery did not end the career of tiger woods, he never recovered to the level he once had.

Why is the cost of custom fitted donjoy knee brace so high?

The cost of a well made custom knee brace does not matter, because most health insurance companies as well as medicare pay for most of the cost. To get your medical insurance to pay for the knee brace, they only need a prescription from a health provider or physican. The knee braces do cost from $500 to over a thousand dollars for custom made knee braces and the custom fittings involved, but much cheaper if you buy it online, and call the company about helping you with billing reimbursement and proper fitting directions on your own..

How much does a brace cost and where can I buy a knee brace?

DJO products are sold through medical facilities and distributors. They could also be purchased online. knee braces are not only for senior citizens At first, I thought that knee braces were only used by the elderly, and that knee pain and knee surgery happen with a lifetime of use. Then I read up in forums, websites and learned from knee brace manufactures like: donjoy, ossur, asterisk, cti, breg, bearenfeld that knee braces are bought for many reasons, besides post operative, and that its not always to avoid re-injury. While there are knee braces for all types of injuries, this article is mostly for people requiring a functional knee brace.

What is a functional knee brace?

FUNCTIONAL KNEE BRACES such as donjoy's Defiance, Defiance III, 4TITUDE and Legend knee braces, all function the same. donjoy's 4 Points of Leverage applies to all of these functional braces. The Defiance and Defiance III are constructed of carbon fiber and is the strongest choice for contact sports.

Why is the custom fitting so important to ACL, PCL and CI knee injuries?

Because custom brace's are made individually for each patient. The customization results in an optimal fit, while providing protection and support. The donjoy Armor, 4titude and Legend are off-the-shelf or sized braces. These braces provide excellent support and convenience. Functional knee braces from donjoy and other knee brace manufactures come in three variations: ACL, PCL and CI.

What is the difference between ACL, PCL and CI knee injuries?

The donjoy functional bracing line was designed to provide ligamentous control to the knee both pre-injury (prophylactically) and post-injury. The majority of product usage occurs post-injury.

  • The most common ligament injury is a tear of the (ACL) anterior cruciate ligament. 
  • The second most common injury is damage to the (PCL) posterior cruciate ligament, while
  • The third is a (CI) combination injury to both the ACL and PCL ligaments aka Combined Instabilities, which is mainly caused by a major trauma to the knee joint.
 Because each of these injuries creates specific indications in the joint, donjoy applies the appropriate leverage forces to support the affected ligament. Therefore, when an ACL is torn, donjoy recommends an ACL specific brace. This donjoy brace will supply the appropriate force loads to control any anterior tibial movement that the ACL itself would usually control. Likewise, a PCL or CI brace will address the distinct needs of these injuries.

Who is the knee brace made for?

Most people who wrote about post operative knee injuries whether man or woman always mentioned the brusing, which eventually went away, while the scars did not. Knee pain and just the thought of going through more surgeries is enough reason to wear a knee brace. The forums were full of active young people discussing their knee surgeries, while others were discussing prevention measures. The highest volume of activity on the forums was from motorcycle riders, dirt bike riders, surfers, snow boarders, rodeo clowns and cowboys and skiers.

donjoy knee braces are worn by pro athletes

The knee brace manufactures like donjoy orthopedics had endorsements from physiotherapists of the NFL, United States olympic ski team, surfers and rodeo associations. Some boards discussed athletes injuries and the knee braces they wore. Some even had youtube video's of the actual knee injury to college or pro athletes. My overall findings is that knee pain can come from a bad injury or from no injury at all. Knee pain can affect a teen or someone in old age. Knee pain happens in women just as much as men. knee pain needs pain killers that could lead to addiction of pain medication. While knee pain is serious, it could only ruin your life if you let it. While it could require knee replacement surgery, or new ligaments from a cadaver, or pins and bedrest, and thousands of hours of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

patients buy their donjoy knee braces online

Prescriptions are needed for both pain medication and knee braces. Most knee brace manufactures like donjoy orthopedics, have fitting specialists for custom made knee braces as well as reimbursement specialists, that help get your health insurance to pay for the knee brace. It is not unheard of for people to shop online for knee braces, because they are not satisfied with the knee brace that the hospital or medical doctor picked out. While one knee brace fits well and is comfortable for some people, it is not the right knee brace for everybody. Some knee brace manufactures are better at unloading, while others are better for specific ligaments or meniscus tears like acl, mcl, lcl, medial meniscus and lateral meniscus tearing injuries. DonJoy makes several functional braces to address instabilities in the knee joint from the custom Defiance to the Playmaker. Since many of the donjoy braces and other custom knee brace manufactures are sold by prescription only, it is suggested that patients seek advice from their medical provider to ensure they get the correct brace for their specific condition. It also appears mandatory in certain sports like football linemen, dirt bikers. Many people buy donjoy knee braces because its either the physicians choice, or because its the knee brace of choice. donjoy knee braces are not cheap, but neither is the though of a reinjury. You can contact donjoy customer service department at 800-336-6569, or ++ 1-760-734-4729 for International callers. donjoy knee brace