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Monday, January 26, 2009

What is going on in the wealthy parents head, that they could not treat their children as their most vauable possesion?

Your children is your most valuable possession - by dr. sober comapnion dr. rob tencer

Your children may be unhappy because they are your children which J. Sedgwick describes as a dispiriting and crippling burden, because you may have amassed wealth obsessively through your inability to be satisfied, your relentless need for competitive victory, and your willingness to commit the "great crime" that, presumably "lies behind every great fortune."

In other words, you are inherently unhappy and do what they do in hopes that more of something (or maybe even more of everything) will finally fill the void inside of you.

It is your unhappiness (i.e., your inability to be easily satisfied) that has driven them to get rich.
It is this destructive way of life that destroys your childrens abilities in their life.

Lets discuss the various forms of money that wealthy parents have and how they use it as a weapon on their children.

Fuck You Money - This is when the parents have so much money, they will never have to work a day in their lives, nor will their children have to work to make a living.

Go Away Money - This is when the parents have their own lives, and want a total seperation from their children from spoiling their individuality. The parent is able to make their children go away simply by throwing money at them.

The cause is you as the parent, but the cure is also with you as the parent.

Parents often ask dr. sober companion:

What you can do to help my children?

How can you help with their addictions?

How do you stop them from drinking and their alcoholism?

Is it to late to help my children?

dr. sober companion answers with the simple fact that as long as your children are still living, you have a chance as a parent to help them.

Its only late when their dead.

Don't wait until you have killed your children.

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