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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can a sober companion help a drug addicted fall guy professional athlete who got caught?

Can a sober companion help a drug addicted fall guy professional athlete that got caught? Is the problem that small, or is it not only with him but the entire sport.

What sport you may ask?

Well in many sports this might be the case, where grown men are asked to destroy and beat up their bodies on a nightly basis, while the only way to recover that quickly are through massive amounts of pain killers and steroids to aid in tissue restoration and growth.

If you were thinking the sport is NFL football, or NHL hockey, or even MLB baseball (manny ramirez Los Angeles Dodger suspension for illegal steroid drug use in 2009) you would be correct, but this post details WWE wrestler, Jeff Hardy.

Can the drug use be stopped in professional sports with the use of a sober companion? The answer is no, the epidemic cannot be stopped or controlled with the help of a sober companion.

Consider the size of these professional athletes and how ramped up on cocaine, and steroids they are. Pain makes people miserable and mean. They could potentially kill the sober companion, who is the only thing keeping them from their stash of drugs, and their suppliers.

Getting beat up or killed is not worth the money. Like Dr. Howard Samuels says, "the addict has to want to help themselves". If that were the case, dr. sober companion would reconsider.

Jeff Hardy was arrested today near his home in Cameron, North Carolina on charges of trafficking in prescription pills and possession of anabolic steroids.

The Moore County Sheriff's Office confirmed that during a search of his home they seized:

  • 262 Vicodin prescription pills
  • 180 Soma prescription pills
  • 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids
  • Cocaine
  • Drug paraphernalia
With an estimated street value of the drugs seized was $2,500.00, the question is: was jeff hardy supplying the whole sport of professional wrestling? Jeff Hardy, 32, was the subject of a joint investigation by officers from the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit, Moore County Sheriff’s Office Select Enforcement Unit and the Fayetteville Police Department.