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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Michael Jackson's enabling parents must have known he was a functioning drug addict even before child molestation charges surfaced

Michael Jackson's enabling parents must have known he was a functioning drug addict but kept silent. The following explains why they kept silent, even during the child molestation charges.

In dr. Sober companion's words, We describe a functioning drug addict as someone who knows what effects the drugs have on him and how long the drug effects last. After trial and error the drug addict becomes professional at consuming the drugs of choice, and they become experts on how to plan around the drugs effects.

If someone was a functioning alcoholic, they would also need to know how long the alcohol would be in their system and to plan around the effects of the alcohol.

Because a drug addict, like Michael Jackson, hid the fact of his addiction from his fans, he would not be seen in public while under the influence, unless he felt certain he could blame an illness, exhaustion or some valid excuse on why he looks to be on prescription medications.

The functioning drug addict convinces themselves that because they hide it and disguise it so well, that they have it under control and it is not the same as drug addiction or alcoholism.

This is why the perks are so good for the family to be part of the Michael Jackson entourage, because the celebrity or affluent pay for their silence. If no money were involved in keeping a lifestyle grown accustom to, they might have only been in denial, and actually spoken out to help keep Michael Jackson alive.

The only thing left now by the family is to point the finger somewhere else and blame every doctor possible.

The fact that Elizabeth Taylor was also a functioning addict may finally put to rest the connection that Michael Jackson really had with her. This also demonstrates why getting help from another addict or attending groups of addicts (12 step and group rehab clinics) only surrounds yourself with more enablers.

The first step when dr. sober companion is hired is to remove all enablers, which is the entire entourage including parents, family and so called friends from the lives of my clients. Only then can the client start to free themselves of drug addiction.

Sarah Allen Benton describes
high-functioning alcoholics as people who are able to maintain respectable, even high-profile lives. That balancing act continues until something dreadful happens that reveals the truth and forces the person to enter a treatment program or lose everything that means anything. (including their life).

Bombshell: Ms. Benton also believes that the functioning addiction by Michael Jackson may very well be the cause of Michael Jackson's child molestation charges, when she said: "The functioning addict sometimes gets exposed for having made unwanted sexual advances."

While Ms. Benton identifies herself as alcoholic with an addiction problem, Dr. sober Companion which is Dr. Rob Tencer DC, BS, was never a drug addict and never had problems with alcohol. To our knowledge, Dr. Sober Companion is the only sober companion to have never been a drug addict or alcoholic, which also means he will never be an enabler to your son or daughter.

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