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Friday, July 10, 2009

NBC gives money to a drug addict to reveal how easy it is to buy drugs

Dr. Sober Companion was featured this morning on the #1 morning show in the USA, NBC The Today Show, in a special story called: "Undercover: Prescription meds in Hollywood". The video is available online from NBC entitled: "Undercover: getting drugs in Hollywood". The description of the segment on the NBC site is "Video: TODAY examines how easy it is for people with cash to get drugs."

Here is an accurate account of what really happened:

NBC was looking online for a well known sober companion with celebrity clients, that would agree to come on the NBC today show, without mentioning his own clients, but mentioning insider information about drug abuse by the rich and famous.

After NBC read the dr. sober companion blog, NBC was convinced they had found the right sober companion. "the today show" producers contacted us first via email.

NBC was only to happy to interview Dr. Sober Companion and some of his staff, and at first discussed sending one of my staff undercover to a medical doctor's office to get the same pharmaceutical prescription drugs that celebrities like Michael Jackson, heath ledger, lindsay lohan and britney spears got.
(It was now revealed that Logan is an actual drug addict and alcoholic named david lerman, and was never employed by dr. sober companion, regardless of his expertise in his own drug addiction, or ability to score prescriptions for the highest paying TV producer or for his own drug addiction)

By sending in a pseudo enabler or entourage of a celebrity, they wanted to demonstrate how celebrities obtain and continue their drug addiction, without ever setting foot in a medical office or hospital until being admitted for the morgue and autopsy like Michael Jackson or Heath Ledger.

What NBC and the Today Show was asking for, was to much for Dr. Sober Companion to participate in.
This may have cost the jobs of some of my employee's who NBC managed to convince to continue the undercover sting. (It was wrong for NBC to compensate david lerman, a drug addict for scoring drugs)

While they still courted david lerman who acted as my staff for the undercover sting, they no longer needed the dr. sober interview, nor did they want to hear my views. The promises made to dr. sober by NBC today show producers, about using screen shots of my blog, never materialized.
David lerman, who acted as my employee who conducted the undercover sting for NBC, whom I believe was seduced by the NBC producers with an enormous amount of cash, to get the job done. Lerman told me, he had pleaded with NBC to keep something about Dr. Sober, and got them to promise to place the blog website under my name as a condition for his participation.

What NBC learned after reading my blog was that
david lerman who acted as my employee is a drug addict, and that he was so good at talking to doctors because he is a professional patient, who also moonlights as a patient surrogate by the local medical colleges and has been a lab rat for experimental drug trials.

He has also been featured on the insider as the celebrity pop culture expert on celebrity drug addiction.
David Lerman posing as fake patient

Before the NBC fake undercover patient exited the building into the cameras view, he was able to pocket small amounts of medications that the doctor gave as samples, and also hold onto a few choice prescriptions he did not include in the undercover interview. He was also able to hold onto the refills for the prescriptions that were paid for by NBC.

What NBC "The Today Show" did wrong was pay for a doctors visit for a drug addict, and enable a drug addict with his favorite prescriptions, and allowed him to sample a few prescription drugs he had never tried before. (NBC reported the drugs destroyed)

Dr. Sober Companion stated in an earlier post that he would never work against the health industry he is a part of, and is not into this form of crusading to try to destroy medical doctors who over prescribe the drugs of choice of celebrity drug addicts and non celebrities who have the money to see their doctor when their schedule permits and pay for their own prescriptions to avoid scrutiny by the health insurance companies. This should be left to medical licensing boards and proper government bodies, and not to a TV network who places peoples lifes in danger.

My battle is not with the medical profession but rather with the pharmaceutical industry who systematically produce addictive drugs that are far worse than nicotine in the tobacco industries battle to keep people addicted until their horrible and painful deaths. Someone could start out with a pain killer pharmaceutical prescription for a controllable relief of pain after a surgery and become addicted for life.

A child could easily find a pescription pill bottle in their house and experiment with addictive prescription drugs. Would that be child endangerment by the parents, or would the pharmaceutical industry be to blame?

The truth in addictive prescription drugs is:

The medical doctor never made the drug addictive.

The medical doctor didn't pay the super attractive pharmaceutical rep to convince the medical profession, individually to push the drugs.

The medical doctor didn't convince the FDA to approve the pharmaceutical medications.

The medical doctor did not convince insurance companies to add the drug to their health insurance policies.

The medical doctors did not produce free sample coupons.

The medical doctor did not place ads in magazines and on TV.

Although as NBC uncovered, the medical doctor does benefit from the $5,000 cash office visit for the wealthy drug addicted patient.

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