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Monday, July 20, 2009

Michael Jackson agreed to have a Sober Companion right before his death. Was it with dr. sober companion?

The bombshell that NBC Today show missed, was that dr. sober companion was hired to be the sober companion for Michael Jackson London tour

Because dr. sober companion respects the request for privacy for his clients, he would not confirm or deny the report to NBC today show reporters, when he was interviewed.

NBC Today show missed the boat with their segment with Dr. Rob Tencer, by instead following a drug addict as he went undercover to a medical doctors office, and deleted all but one sentence of Dr. Rob Tencer's interview. "They told me they had their agenda, and that the work of a sober companion was unimportant to them. They only wanted to know about drug use of celebrities." said Dr. Rob Tencer of dr. sober companion.

dr. sober companion dr. rob tencer dc, bs
was he hired by Jackson family?

Michael Jackson agreed to hire a sober companion before his death, to accompany him on his London tour, reported health care examiner Sheila Guilloton of the examiner on July 20, 2009.

While the examiner mentioned rehab and other forms of replacement therapies, it seemed to veer away from the usefulness of a sober companion.

While most families that are part of the entourages are enabling the drug addict, they are all in denial. Dr. Sober Companion has mentioned this many times before and last discussed denial while mentioning the high functioning drug addict and the high functioning alcoholic.

Dr. Rob Tencer wrote about Ms. Sarah Allen Benton's book: Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic: Professional Views and Personal Insights which covers denial very clearly as a main reason for avoiding the help that the addicts really need, to stay alive.

Dr. Sober Companion was featured 7/10/2009 on the #1 morning show in the USA, NBC The Today Show, in a special story called: "Undercover: Prescription meds in Hollywood". The video is available online from NBC entitled: "Undercover: getting drugs in Hollywood". The description of the segment on the NBC site is "Video: TODAY examines how easy it is for people with cash to get drugs."

Shamed reality star
medical Dr. Drew Pinsky
of Celebrity Rehab

They also interviewed and allowed the one medical doctor that should not be considered a national expert, Dr. Drew Pinsky air time, because of his well noted failures in favor of good reality TV, and the fatality problems at his rehab facility where he is the director.

The real Michael Jackson bombshell story was that Michael Jackson was in complete denial. To the end he remained adamant that he did not have a drug problem. Sources report that although he continued to deny any drug abuse, he did agree to honor the wishes of his family that he bring a “sober companion” with him for the London tour.

What could a sober companion do to keep michael jackson alive that other methods could not?

This was and is the true bombshell that while it is to late to hire a dr. sober companion for Michael Jackson, it is not to late to hire a dr. sober companion for your son or daughter. Are you in denial?

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