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Sunday, July 12, 2009

NBC deletes Michael Jackson drug addiction bombshell interview to risk actors life

Dr. Rob Tencer on NBC Today Show
July 10, 2009

Dr. Sober Companion was featured this morning on the #1 morning show in the USA, NBC The Today Show, in a special story called: "Undercover: Prescription meds in Hollywood". The video is available online from NBC entitled: "Undercover: getting drugs in Hollywood". The description of the segment on the NBC site is "
Video: TODAY examines how easy it is for people with cash to get drugs."

The Truth behind the scenes of the NBC Today Show segment

After the media request from NBC today show producers, and on a very short notice, (within 1 hour) Dr. Sober Companion and his staff hurried to get media prepared in our own wardrobe, notes and rushed to the NBC studio in Burbank, California so they could record our segment and work on other segments that eventually people backed out of.

(many people backed out in fear of their life and of their medical licenses for what they were going to reveal, which would have incriminated themselves on the highest rated morning TV show in the USA.)

Dr. Sober Companion and his intake specialist Logan, (now revealed to be an actual drug addict and alcoholic named david lerman) sat side by side and gave a riveting interview of bombshell after bombshell. The NBC producer, had us give individual interviews, and would not allow us to speak as a team, and would not allow us to speak about the Dr. Sober Companion work that saves lives. They didn't seem to even care about our Michael Jackson drug addiction bombshells, and had their own agenda and set of questions.

During the interview, dr. sober companion explained in detail our technique on how we have become such experts about latest drugs and trends.

Dr. Sober Companion explained exactly what we do and why for the segment. Dr. Sober Companion explained what we do is to go undercover as a patient to the dr. feelgood offices.

Dr. Sober Companion expertly trained staff also pose as patients at rehab centers, and 12 step meetings.

The person who interviewed Logan (now revealed to be an actual drug addict and alcoholic named david lerman) and myself was so interested in this technique, that they cut my entire interview bombshell and all, into 1 sentence.

NBC Today show also cut in its entirety the interview of Logan (whom I insisted sit next to me), who dropped bombshells and made several wake up calls, that were certain to expose the truth about drug addiction in the Michael Jackson death. (Logan, now revealed to be an actual drug addict and alcoholic named david lerman)

Dr. Rob Tencer on NBC Today Show
July 10, 2009

For NBC to get the undercover operation, they hired my employee's that I originally gave them access to, but I backed out because I feared that they were risking the lives of my staff for their own agenda.

Before I backed out of the NBC undercover operation, Logan was in charge of training my staff for the undercover operation, and the staff member who continued with NBC undercover operation against the stern wishes of Dr. Sober Companion, became unemployed. (It was now revealed that Logan is an actual drug addict and alcoholic named david lerman, and was never employed by dr. sober companion, regardless of his expertise in his own drug addiction)

NBC made many promises for dr. sober companion's involvement including featuring my staff and myself and the dr. sober blog that originally gained the interest of the NBC today show producers.

The NBC producers and the reporter of the segment, constantly assured me that the blog would be shown in screen shots with the address prominently featured. NBC was dishonest, and were full of deceit by not following through with their promises. They lied to get my full cooperation.

They completely negated the message that dr. Sober stands for and the message that we know will save the lives of people who hear it.

We only ask that in any future media requests for interviews, you allow us to help save lives by spreading the dr. sober message.

Dr. Sober is available for media interviews, and can be reached by clicking below.

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