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Saturday, March 21, 2009

doctors made them addicts with to many prescriptions

medical doctors over-prescribing medications to your children might be the cause of their death, and its becoming much more common. This is for real, and it's scary.

doctors of anna nicole smith have recently turned themselves in, and it is only now bringing light to the issue of the biggest drug pushers are not on the streets, but in medical offices. These doctors went to college, have medical degrees, but are no better than gangsters and hoodlums selling drugs on the street.

Dr. Khristine Eroshevich surrendered Monday to face charges of excessively prescribing drugs to Anna Nicole Smith before the former model's 2007 overdose death at age 39

Eroshevich is charged with conspiring with another doctor and Smith's lawyer-turned-boyfriend Howard K. Stern.

Attorney General Jerry Brown alleges the doctors falsified prescriptions and prescribed unwarranted amounts of highly addictive medications to Smith. Eroshevich's attorney says she was only protecting Smith's privacy.

In addition to conspiracy, the charges filed Thursday include unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance and prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict. Stern faces six felony counts and the doctors face seven each.

Each defendant faces up to five years, eight months in prison, district attorney spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said.

"Howard K. Stern is the principal enabler, and Dr. Eroshevich and Dr. Kapoor are prescribing drugs excessively to a known addict and using false and fictitious names, all in violation of the law," Brown said.

Medical Board of California spokeswoman Candis Cohen said action would be taken against the two doctors' medical licenses after the criminal proceedings had been resolved. A range of disciplinary action could be taken, depending on the evidence, including possible revocation of their licenses.

chris benoit was given to much prescriptions as well by his doctor:

TMZ has learned that federal prosecutors say doctors over-prescribed testosterone to wrestler Chris Benoit.

The revelation comes to light as new court papers have been filed in the criminal case against Benoit's personal physician, Dr. Phil Astin. The Feds have charged Astin with over-prescribing medication to two other patients, and are expected to file more charges against him.

The AP reports Benoit had roughly ten times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he died.

Cops say Benoit strangled his wife Nancy and 7-year-old son, then hanged himself last June in their Atlanta home. One theory suspects so-called "roid rage" as a reason for the killings.

Then the documentary that alarmed me the most. We sat in little school desks. Then came the statistics of how many of our children are being "diagnosed" with "mental health" issues. They are quickly put on SSRIs, or selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors and what are now commonly called Chemical Babysitters, Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Ritalin and a host of others. It stated that the psychiatric community has a goal get as many children diagnosed and on these "medications" as they can. They also stated some alarming facts about the number of high school shootings committed by young men on or having just come off of these "prescribed" drugs which is now just coming to light.

The family of the late Phil Hartman are suing Pfizer and claiming his wife was on Zoloft when she killed him and herself. Kurt Cobain overdosed on Rohypnol in March of 1994 a month before he shot and killed himself. Stevie Nicks said her 8 year addiction to Klonopin was worse than her cocaine addiction. Anna Nicole Smith and her son both died from prescription drug cocktails. And now we are getting a clearer picture of Brittany Spears bizarre behavior, prescription drugs again.

This is a very scary epidemic but not exclusive to movie stars, its as easy for anyone to get the same drugs as it is for the rich and famous thats the point and one they hope we will not wake up to.

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