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Saturday, November 21, 2009

parents and teachers are behind their childrens drug addiction

dr. sober companion must say shame on parents in america!

You, the parent are responsible for your young child's drug addiction, and you may be unaware.
Treatment for ADHD is done with powerful drugs like adderall, concerta, ritalin and they all have the same affect as cocaine.

You are responsible for starting the uncontrollable addiction to pharmaceutical drugs that your young children now have. You may not have acted alone, but you have the ultimate responsibility to say NO, when an idiot teacher thinks your child has a behavior disorder, and recommends an equal idiot pediatrician medical doctor that prescribes without informing you that the schedule III highly addictive pharmaceutical medication may start your childs addiction with meds that cannot be stopped. You have the power as the parent or guardian to say NO!

Instead of listening to your childs idiot teacher or idiot medical physician pediatrician about a made up medical diagnosis that makes the pharmaceutical companies millions and billions of dollars by addicting children to meds, think of spending more time with your child, and if need be the following disciplinary suggestions:

1. curfew
2. remove TV from bedroom
3. no texting and no cell phone
4. no internet access at home
5. eating dinner with the family
6. no sports or health club
7. time out
8. home schooling

modification of diet:

1. remove sugar from diet
2. remove food with coloring and additives
3. remove soda pop (coke, sprite, mountain dew, dr. pepper)
4. remove coffee from diet
5. check for food allergies that cause side effects of unwanted behavior

remove enablers:

sue the teachers and the doctors who addicted your children.

Because of childrens services and political correctness, it is no longer considered good parenting if you discipline your child with a good smack on the ass, or other forms of punishment that lead your child to think about their actions before doing them again, regardless of the immediate and lasting results for behavior modification without the use of addictive drugs.

Please think of alternatives to addictive drugs, because you or your child's teacher don't want to deal with your children in a more work intensive time consuming method.

dr. sober companion cares about your children, and wants the parents to understand that it is sometimes their fault for their childrens addiction to drugs.

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