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Monday, December 13, 2010

guess what I saw miley cyrus doing now?

miley cyrus seen using a bong, getting high, having fun and smiling, laughing is causing your young children to want to do what miley cyrus is doing.

What should you as a parent do to stop your children from doing what they saw miley cyrus doing?

At what age do your children need to be, for you to have a talk with them? Tween age that watches disney.

Sit down with your children and tell them it is wrong and that miley cyrus is reckless, careless and out of control. She could have been raped, killed or a close friend of hers could have made a video tape.

Guess what I saw miley cyrus doing now?

The friends that your children hang out with will not protect them, and in fact will blackmail you to make the video go away, and yet the video was still made public.

You have reason to be frightened.

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